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Buy Instagram Views from Qabel to boost efficiently your post visibility and engagement. Mandatory:

  • Your account must be set up public.
  • Avoid changing your account name during the delivery.
  • Do not modify your post during the delivery.
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In today’s social media landscape, increasing your Instagram post’s visibility and engagement is crucial. At Qabel, you can buy Instagram views, which help you achieve this goal. When you do so, you give your content the boost it needs to reach more users. Our high-quality views are coming from real users, making it a reliable choice for enhancing your Instagram success.

Why should you buy Instagram views?

Discover the benefits of increasing your Instagram post views to boost your online presence, and chances of going viral:

  • Enhance your Instagram post’ performance: When you buy Instagram views, you’re instantly improving your post’s performance. Higher view counts can increase your content’s visibility and encourage more users to engage with your posts. Of course, that leads to even more views, likes, and comments.
  • Boost your account’s credibility: Having more views on your posts will make your account appear credible and influential. It leads users to follow and engage with your accounts that have a strong presence on the platform. It also attracts collaborations as brands often seek out influencers with strong following and engagement rates.
  • Increase your chances of going viral: When you buy Instagram views, your content is more likely to appear on the Explore page. It leads to greater organic exposure and potentially attracts even more views and followers. When your content goes viral, you’ll experience exponential growth in your follower base and engagement levels.
3 Reasons On Why You Should Buy Instagram Views

How to buy Instagram views at Qabel?

If you are wondering if the process to get views is simple, no worries! First, make sure that you respect these rules and that your account is compatible before AND during the delivery:

  • Your account must be set to public.
  • Avoid changing your account name.
  • Do not modify your post.

Then, follow these easy steps to boost your content’s visibility and engagement:

  1. Choose a package: Browse our quantity packages to find the one that best aligns with your goals and budget.
  2. Provide your Instagram post URL: Copy the Instagram post URL you want to receive views on. Then, paste it into the dedicated area on that page.
  3. Proceed to payment: Proceed to checkout and complete your purchase using one of our secure payment options (Credit Card and Cryptocurrencies).
  4. Get ready for the views storm: Our team will process your order and begin delivering your views.
How to Buy Instagram Views with Qabel?

Why should you buy Instagram views from us?

Now that you know why and how to buy views for Instagram, let us explain why we are among the best options

Buy real views from genuine users

We only offer views that are coming from real users, as fake accounts are easily detected by Instagram. Firstly, fake views penalize your credibility and ranking. Secondly, it is a waste of money. That is why as a premium provider, our services are high-quality and real exclusively.

High value for money ratio

As we sell only high-quality and real services, we also have as a priority to give our customers the best prices that we can. Even if the price is often correlated to quality, we are among the exceptions and have chosen to bring you the best AND keep it accessible. Buying services from us is an investment that will not bring you an email from your bank account manager.

High-Quality Instagram Views And Likes Services

Security first

Buy Instagram views with confidence at Qabel, as we put security at a maximum level. Our website is secured with an SSL certificate to protect your data. Also, our payment methods are 100% secured which protects any single transaction (credit card AND crypto)

Fully made in France

You know the expression “made in France”, it is a quality gauge! As Qabel is French, we are proud to announce that our website is hosted in France. But that’s not all! Our team, our support, and our Bank are as well located in the French territory. Everything is centralized in a country regulated by strict laws, with real actors on the back of it. No mirror website, no scam, just a real business with a passionate team in social media.

Buy views without stress at Qabel

When you buy Instagram views from us, you’re investing in a service that prioritizes quality, affordability, and customer support. Our packages and commitment to delivering real views make us the perfect partner for enhancing your Instagram presence and achieving your social media goals. You can expect to see a significant improvement in your content’s visibility, engagement, and overall performance. So, don’t hesitate to choose us as your go-to provider. Start growing your account today!

By the way, do not miss the opportunity to learn more about the world of social media, check out our free blog now!


Can you buy Instagram views?

Yes, you can buy Instagram views to boost your posts' visibility. Be careful as there are a lot of suppliers that do sell this service. Make sure that you are not buying low-quality or fake views.

What are the best places to buy Instagram views?

Qabel is among the trustworthy places where you can confidentially buy this service. We certainly understand that you prefer having other sites to check. Our experts selected for you 2 other suppliers that you can trust:

  • Instafollowers - Instafollowers is a well-known site and it has existed for a while. You can trust them as a reference.
  • Buzzoid - It is also a trustworthy supplier that sells high-quality Instagram services, including Views for your posts.

Can someone see that I bought views?

No, nobody can access the list of viewers on your post. That is a real advantage and is also part of the Instagram privacy policy.

Is it safe to buy views at Qabel?

Yes, you can buy Instagram views with confidence at Qabel. Firstly, our website is secured by an SSL certificate. Secondly, we use a secured payment method, which protects your navigation and transaction.

What is a view on Instagram?

On the platform, a view is counted each time someone watches your video for at least three seconds. To make sure that there is no cheat, a loop does not count as a view.

How to get 1,000 views on Instagram?

If you want to get 1,000 views fast on Instagram, you can buy it online. At Qabel, we offer a package to get this precise quantity.

Is buying Instagram views enough to become viral?

The best traffic is still the organic traffic. Getting views, likes, and followers only by buying it will for sure, not work in the long term. Create interesting content and engage with your audience to gain popularity, use our services to help you reach your target.